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Zhejiang Satellite Petrochemical Co. Ltd (stock code: 002648, stock abbreviation: Satellite Petrochemical) is the largest acrylic acid and acrylates manufacturers in China and top five in the world. It’s also the first private listed company who hold C3 industrial production chain from propane as feedstock to downstream products. The company integrates R&D, production, sales and logistics. The products cover from propylene, polypropylene, acrylic acid, glacial acrylic acid to acrylates monomers, polymer emulsion and super absorbent resin (SAP)

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    Pioneer position in Acrylic acid and acrylates

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Zhejiang Satellite Petrochemical Co.,Ltd


  • 2017 China Chemical Top 500, ranked in 221
  • Zhejiang Provincial Postdoctoral Workstation
  • Pioneer Worker of All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU)
  • Zhejiang Provincial May 1 Labor Awards
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